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Moderation in the forum. Empty Moderation in the forum.

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:40 am

I know there's not many of us on the forum and I hope that as the forum grows in size that moderation is never really required. However for the benefit of members I feel we need to let members know how moderation works in the forums.

If we ever have the need to moderate someone or a group, then basically it will be a moderator not involved in the issue that does the moderation. That is of course assuming there is a moderator involved. This is to make sure there is independence in the moderation process. We do expect the moderators to know the rules and conduct themselves accordingly. However sometimes they may slip up and do an oopsy and need moderation. All moderators are subject to the rules that members are subject to.

To distinguish a post from a moderator, moderators will use the red color for moderator instructions and enclose them with "mod" tags for effect as follows:

[mod]XXXX can you please familiarise yourself with the forum rules with regard to flaming[/mod]

This should make it clear that the comment is from the point of view of a moderator, the moderator instruction should be the only content of the post. Moderators are not to mix moderation and personal commentary in a single post.

Also remember the post report function, if you have an issue with any post any time, use it.


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