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Post by Admin on Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:11 am

Members please note that you are able to report posts that you think are in breach of forum rules and/or etiquette. read it

To the right of a post's "Quote" button is the "Report" button, it is a triangle shaped button where the triangle is pointing down and has an exclamation mark inside it like this.Post Report Option Icon_post_report If you feel a post or thread is in breach of forum rules and/or etiquette use this button to report it. Do not take matters into your own hands as this may cause you to be in breach of the rules and also suffer the indignity of punishment for such breach. read it

To use this option, you click on the button, you will then be presented with a reporting page with a drop down list of choices and then the ability to expand on that with a detailed explanation.

By further fueling potential breach posts you only add to the problem so please let the moderators do their thing for you, its what they're not paid for. Very Happy Please also understand that it may take some time for reports to be investigated and actioned as we do not all live here, we have other things in our lives to attend to as well, such as ride motorbikes. thumb.up Motorbike

spam With regard to SPAM. Do not reply to it. Report it, leave it and let the moderators deal with it. By responding to the SPAM thread you are acknowledging their efforts. And as above, it may take time to deal with it but it will be dealt with.

You can also use the "Report" option to request a post become a sticky within the forum. You might read a post and think everyone needs to see this at the top. If so report the post and request it be a "Sticky".


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