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Post by Admin on Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:42 pm

Forums, policies and rules
All members of the website should take a few minutes to read the following Policy and Rules.
They are here to provide both you and your fellow members with parameters to work within in order to give protection to all users and also those involved in the day to day running of the forums.

The rules are not flexible and ignorance (not knowing them) will not be considered defense in the event of infringement. The policy and rules are necessary now as the forum members grow in number and the job of moderating it all becomes more time consuming and difficult.

South East Queensland Riders Forum prides itself on having a highly moderated forum community with vigilant forum moderators. This system creates a pleasant atmosphere for all to participate in which in turn leads to interesting, educational and entertaining discussions being held.

The Forum Admin are assisted by 'Moderators' who are unpaid volunteers who help enforce the Policy and Rules. They work long, hard hours trying to make the Forum the best place it can be, and they deserve your respect. Without them chaos would reign and the forum would not exist. If a Moderator contacts you with an issue, please work hard at trying to understand the root cause of why you were contacted.

Don't fire back a PM knee-jerk reaction in protest, rather take time to think about it and then feel free to contact us for clarification, or if you feel a misunderstanding has occurred. Under no circumstances should you question a Moderator's decision in public, or lash out at a Moderator. This is likely to leave the Moderator with little choice but to take action against you. Again, if you have a problem, take it to the Moderator in private or PM the Administrators (username “Admin”).

Below you will find the policies and rules in categories to help you easily read and understand them.
Forum Explanation
A short explanation to clarify what our forums actually are to aid in your understanding of the rules and policies.

What is a forum?
1. Forum
Although we, and many people refer to the board as a 'forum', a better description is a 'Message Board' which is a collection of 'forums'. Our 'Message Board' has many 'forums'.

2. Topics/Threads
Within each Forum are the 'Topics' or 'Threads.

3. Posts
Once you get inside a Topic/Thread, you can then 'post' a message so each individual message is called a post.

Are the things you say in your 'posts'.

Policies and rules
1. Conduct
a. Respect
Often other members have a different opinion from your own. Often these opinions are in conflict with your own. Just as You have a right to state your opinion (within the website Policies and Rules) so do your fellow members.
We expect you to respect the opinions of your fellow forum members whether you agree with them or not. Please curb any urge you may have to dismiss someone's opinion (Examples: "that's stupid", "that's ignorant", "that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard", or "that's b*llshit"). By all means offer more detail to strengthen your own opinion rather than trying to put down someone elses opinion.
Being polite to other users is certainly the best way to gain respect for yourself and others are more likely to offer help and less likely to be aggressive or rude towards you.

b. Flaming, Abuse & Harassment
No flaming or trolling (i.e. deliberately picking fights with other members). - You can not post anything that you know will upset other people or start an argument - this is called flame posting or flaming.
It is not WHAT you post about but HOW you post about it that determines whether it is a flame or not.

No bully posting (posts intended to hurt someone's feelings or cause them embarrassment). - This is a form of harassment.
Harassment occurs when a member insults, attacks, or denigrates another member, either on the public forum, or in a PM (Private Message).

We have zero tolerance for taking an argument to a personal level and we watch closely for comments that are abusive in nature and specifically target any individual.
Example: The use of terms such as "idiot, moron, stupid" and other derogatory terms constitutes harassment. Likewise, telling a forum member to "go themselves" is also unacceptable.

If a personal attack occurs, the offender with be notified and depending on the severity of the attack, may be warned, banned, or even reported to authorities.

b1. If You Are Harassed
If you feel that you have been harassed, notify a moderator or administrator. Whatever you do, absolutely do not respond to the person by posting a retaliatory personal attack, even if "they did it first".
If you think about it, the reason someone hassles you is to get you to react in a similar manner. You beat them not by playing their childish game but by ignoring them or simply having a Moderator deal with them.

c. Racial Slurs
Racial slurs are strictly prohibited. We have no tolerance for this at all.

d. Post topics in the appropriate Forum.
Resist the temptation to post something off topic because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum. If you post a topic in a forum where it does not belong it will be either moved or deleted by the moderators. If you are unsure then take your best guess or ask a moderator by pm or email.

e. Swearing
Our forums are reasonably relaxed with regard to language, However, excessive foul language is not allowed and is likely to get moderated. We ask that you find more descriptive ways to make your point rather than using bad language. Moderators will use their judgement in this regard.
We do require that you leave all rough or offensive language out of the Thread subject.

f. Constant Posting
South East Queensland Riders Forum does not restrict the amount of posts a member can make. We do suggest, however, that you are careful to not make a nuisance of yourself by making comments in too many threads. It is best to only post comments in threads to which you have something constructive to say.

g. Spelling
Not everyone can spell well, in fact a large number of people of all ages have spelling difficulties. Please be aware of and have tolerance for this.
If you can spell well and choose to spell badly or use abbreviated spelling (ie. 'wat' or 'wot' instead of 'what') many people may not understand or even bother to decipher what you are trying to say.
Spelling / grammar corrections. If you feel you must correct another member, contact the person via email or through a Private Message. Note: an exception to this rule would be pointing out to someone that they have misspelled a url. Still - keep it polite!

Do not type your subject and/or message body all in CAPITALS (caps). This includes posting message titles in mostly CAPS. It is considered the on-line equivalent of yelling and is rude. It's common etiquette to type predominately in lower case as per normal written English.

i. Unacceptable Post Content
Please do not post any of the following type of content...
a. Political, Racial and Religious Discussions or illegal activities of any kind, including such things as willful damage, verbal or physical abuse, theft and defamation.
b. Unauthorized commercial advertisements and/or solicitations outside of, or within, the For Sale Forum without the express consent of the South East Queensland Riders Forum Administrators are strictly prohibited. Marketing initiatives whether direct, indirect or veiled are also strictly prohibited.
c. Links (or requests for links) to sites that sell or trade or contain bootleg, illegal, hateful, threatening, pornographic or explicitly obscene content or otherwise violate any laws or pictures containing the same.
d. Trades/requests for copies of copyrighted material.

j. Be mindful of copyright.
Finding material on the Internet does not mean it is copyright free. If you use someone else's material or images in your posts ensure you have permission and/or acknowledge appropriately. This is entirely your responsibility. South East Queensand Riders Forum Forums and it's representatives do not monitor for copyright infringements and accept no responsibility on such.

k. Joking Around
We encourage people to have fun and have provided emoticons so you can clearly show the emotions or meaning of your comments. This helps others to see that you are joking and hopefully don't misunderstand you.

2. Commercial Advertising
a) Commercial Advertising Restrictions
Under no circumstances shall posts be made that advertise or plug any form of commercial venture within our forums or private messages without prior arrangement with the website administrators. This includes not only the obvious stakeholders such owner/proprietors and staff of the business/company in question, but also any family members or relatives, sponsored riders, volunteers, or any other associated persons.

b) Exceptions
Exceptions to this rule are legitimate charity organizations, nonprofit groups or official government bodies making announcements of rides, however site Admin reserves the right to withdraw anything it feels is not appropriate.

c) Commercial Opportunities
There is no commercial advertising and hence no opportunities available.

3. Private Messages
a) General
If you choose to use the PM system, please remember to clean out your message box every so often. Please be aware that if you hit the message limit (shown as a percentage) you will start missing messages from people - the system will throw them out - and they are not retrievable.

b) Restrictions
We expect you to use the PM system with your good judgment. Do not use it to either spam (advertise), harass, or send personal attacks to people.

c) Get a Room
Do not use it to 'chat up' the opposite (or same) sex. There are specific websites for that sort of thing and this isn't one of them.

4. Removal of Threads and Posts
a) Protecting you and ours
We reserve the right to close or remove any thread for any reason. If and when we do so, if it isn't obvious, we will try and send the relevant parties email or a PM letting them know why we had to shut the thread down.

b) Requesting Explanation
If you have a thread or post removed and want more details on why, Do not post in the forum asking why your post was removed. Instead, send us email or a PM asking why the post or thread was removed.

5. Penalties
Typically we work very hard with forum members before a banning is issued, usually in the form of a warning to cease and desist a certain behavior. We much prefer to help an offender to understand and hopefully work within the website policies and rules rather than ban them from it. However if an offence is serious enough, or repeated too often, we may have no choice.

In addition, we reserve the right to suspend someone for an unforeseen reason not covered by the above harassment/personal attack sections.

6. Responsibility
You are solely responsible for the content of your postings and can be held responsible for violations of the law. Do not post content that violates the copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property rights of others. Do not post threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind.
It is your responsibility to know the boundaries for acceptable behaviour in each South East Queensand Riders Forum.

7. Personal
We do not and cannot control who reads postings in our forums. Therefore, we recommend that you do not post telephone numbers, addresses or other personal information about yourself or others. Whilst it was a condition of membership to provide a contact number, that is only for emergency use and only moderators can access that information.
Though we may attempt to keep objectionable material off our site, we do not moderate and cannot review every message posted. We are not responsible for the content of messages. However, we reserve the right to delete, move or edit messages that we deem (in our sole judgment) to be inappropriate or unacceptable for any reason.

8. Organising Rides
SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM is not to be construed as a coordinator of rides, races or events. Any matters arising out of organized rides, races or events are not a matter for SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM and it accepts no responsibility for any liability arising as a result of such notification. The final responsibility for all parties is ultimately that of the riders involved.

By using the SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM boards and providing information about rides the users agree to do their best to abide by all road rules and to ride responsibly. In the event that they do not, SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM is not to be held liable for any action arising from the breach of any road rules, injuries and/or damage occurring from attending a ride.

Any attendance on a ride of any nature is at the rider’s own risk. Any breaches of bylaws or State Government and Commonwealth legislation arising from an organised ride are the responsibility of the individuals involved, not SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM regardless of the offender being a member of, or otherwise having access to information on SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM.

As a SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM member or as a user of the SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM website all individuals agree that they will not post up any form of official competition racing or racing for reward.

SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM website users, individuals and riders involved in organised rides are required to show the pre-requisite duty of care and acknowledge that they, and not SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM, are liable for any omissions, errors or negligence.

SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM is not responsible for any injury sustained by any participant in organized rides or for the provision of first aid for any injury sustained by any person arising as a result of organized rides.

The SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND RIDERS FORUM (SEQRF), its administrators and associates claim no responsibility and, or assume any liability whatsoever for any injuries or losses incurred while participating in any ride events posted here. Each participant accepts that they are solely responsible for themselves and shall bear any losses suffered. Further, any financial losses shall be borne by the participants insurance carrier, and the Participant clearly understands that SEQRF offers no insurance coverage nor purports to offer such coverage during events organized here on this forum or by its associates. The members of this forum are duly informed that they are willing participants and waive any rights to claim any losses from SEQRF, its associates, or administrators.


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